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Garden clearance

Let Walsh Landscaping take care of your garden clearance

Can’t see the wood for the trees? Or indeed the refuse, waste, plants, logs or cuttings? Whatever your garden clearance needs, Walsh Landscaping are happy to help you return your garden to a clean slate. Our services are available throughout Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, including Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot, Marlow and Henley.

Spare yourself the time and back ache of removing heavy rubbish and waste by letting our team come in at a convenient time to remove your unwanted garden debris so that you can begin rebuilding and enjoying your outside space again.


No job is too big or too small for Walsh Landscaping, who will happily undertake your garden clearance and ensure that your waste is removed legally, responsibly and at a time to suit you. We can tackle everything from over filled compost bins to unwanted debris left behind by former tenants. We’ll ensure that your waste is removed and disposed of responsibly and in accordance with local laws, including the safe removal of old garden chemicals. We take care of everything on behalf of our customers and arrange the delivery, collection and recycling of garden waste wherever possible.

How can garden clearance help you?

Is your compost heap over spilling into your limited garden space? Perhaps you’ve acquired an unexpected log pile following on from a seasonal pruning session, and you don’t fancy trying to sandwich it all in the bin or the boot of your car. We’re also available to help landlords and property owners who may have had unexpected waste left behind by former tenants and need to get their space cleared as soon as possible.

Disposing of garden waste can be a messy and time consuming business (don’t worry, we love it!), so it might be time to call in our speedy and efficient team to clear the way for you and help you to make the most fo your garden. And who knows… after your garden clearance, perhaps we can get to work on your next landscaping venture?

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